CB Southern Group is a marketing firm in Atlanta, which focuses on working closely with clients and creating results in sales and marketing.  We focus on having an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere when it comes to motivating our team. 

Our hands-on approach with our team helps to promote development both professionally and personally in their responsibilities as well as with building relationships. We focus on having a “work hard play hard” mentality. As a team, it is important be productive and accomplish our goals as well as enjoying our time being a part of a fun environment.

Company Beliefs


  We specialize in direct marketing, helping our clients grow their customer base with our proven tactics and strategies. This benefits the companies we represent so that they can focus on the services that they specialize in. We are dedicated to being the top producing brand ambassadors for the Metro Atlanta area.  

Accelerated Results


 Our clients look to us as an outsourced service because of how quickly we are able to generate revenue in targeted markets. Our team works to increase interest and sales in given markets while reducing the costs to our client. Because of this, we are proud to create long lasting partnerships with our clients.  

Acquisition Value


 Our business strategies have proven to work effectively by consistently reducing the cost of gaining new customers for our clients. We provide a variety of solutions to our clients using creative and innovative ways to keep customers engaged. By working closely with our clients, their only expense is from the outcome that is generated from their customers.